Hey Uloggers, Let's Ulog!!! Curation Efforts Commences Henceforth On '#ulog', Here On Weku.

2 years ago

Please note: for ulogs, kindly add the word ‘ulog’ in-title. (No need to number your ulogs). This will help us spot your ulogs better but more importantly ‘let the world know about ulog as they have come to know of blog or vlog’. 

Your boy Terry


What Type Of Content Is A Ulog?

This is the simplest form of content in existence because it is entirely 'freshly-created by YOU', drawn solely from events, moments, experiences etc within a particular day, without resourcing from the internet. 

A ulog seeks to gift ulogacies (fresh pieces of humans) to the internet each day; thus a ulog should not have existed anywhere online before it was created. It is a 'very daily-affair' and a conscious effort to 'mine the human'. 

A ulog can contain any form of media e.g all-text, podcasts, videos, images, graphics etc (In a ulog, you don't need Pixabay. Let the world reference you! A ulog can't be a product of plagiarism. The U in ulog stands for YOU).

What Are Ulog-Subtags?

Ulog-subtags are like ulog-related tags. Under these tags we can write niche-based ulogs, mini-ulogs or community-based ulogs. 

Some examples of ulog-subtags can be #ulog-siamcat #ulog-recipes, #ulog-gratefulvibes etc and you can create your own ulog-subtags

Hahaha, it is just endless. We can refresh every existing tag, concept, enterprise, trend etc. There will be ulog-everything

A ulog-subtag can be used to unite existing weku-communities, refresh existing hashtags daily, create new trends, build ulog-communities.

Whenever using a ulog-subtag as one of the tags for your post, please always remember to also use the more popular '#ulog' as your first tag as we want all forms of ulogs to appear under the umbrella of the more popular '#ulog', so that we can locate these ulogs in the art of curation............

e.g #ulog, #ulog-siamcat and three other tags.

What Are ulog-communities?

A ulog-community is what results from the birth of a ulog-subtag. As you start to post under a ulog-subtag e.g '#ulog-unfinishedarts', you can implore others to post fresh ulogs under #ulog-unfinishedarts as well and eventually bear forth a ulog-community. 

As your ulog-community grows, you can ask us to integrate it into 'https://ulogs.org' and empower you (extra vote-influence, tools etc) to grow it. This will be discussed in clearer details.

Do you want to see an example of a ulog-community? Visit the URL before from a desktop browser:

In general, we want uloggers to be 'owners' and we will proactively and actively innovate, making use of ulogs.org to bring this to a realization.

Then, when it is time to take a step further and build your own web-interface (borne out of your now vibrant ulog-community), we will actively help use https://steemgigs.org and macrohard.pro to further this possibility. 


Now that you are pretty versed with what ulogs are, we invite you to ulog hence forth. You can do full-blown ulogs at the end of each day as a means to recount your day but ofcourse, you can do many mini-ulogs over the course of a day, using ulog-subtags. 

As mentioned earlier, always remember to add '#ulog' as one of your tags, whenever you use a ulog-subtag. 

If you have a need to use pixabay for images or a need to resources memes, GIFs, videos etc from the internet, you can simple just blog (no need to use #ulog).

Ofcourse, you can create ulogs using ulog-subtags like #ulog-memes, #ulogifs, #ulog-quotes etc, the difference being that 'you consciously mined your human', to create the text, graphics, images, sentiments etc 'fresh', based on events, moments, feelings, knowledge etc from a particular day. 

Again, ulogging is a very daily-affair.

At the onset of our curation, we will give more priority to 'certified uloggers'. However, every(any)one can get certified. For inquiries about how to 'get certified', join this discord server.

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You gave me back and you showed me something else on the platform,
There is no doubt that anything related to something new that opens the mind here can help.
I want to thank you for this and for sharing your post.
You helped me a lot.
So let ULOG!


Yes, let's ulog. Hope to see yours soon. Also please join here: https://discord.gg/Ff43EC8

I have carried over the Ulog tradition of posting to Weku- except I call the post my WeLogs


Amazing. Ulog is better as this movement will reach the globe as blog and vlog has done. You can just add the #ulog in since there are many tags allowed. Also please join here: https://discord.gg/Ff43EC8


@goldendawne, is it originally a steem tradition?..

Nice to see you back again Terry!
Hopefully we can move forward soon.

Many Steem Uloggers are here already and it’s time to create Ulog-WeKu 🧡


So exactly.

wow nice to see you here, Let's Ulog on weku, #wekuph


Senang melihat anda disini tuan @surpassinggoogle. Saya rasa subtag ulog yang anda bawakan akan mendunia, di Steemit anda juga seorang yang mampu memberikan inspirasi bagi ulogers. Dan saya berharap disini anda jauh lebih sukses dari sebelumnya.


I didn’t understand well but yes I hope you get inspiration from this to ulog. It is better since we don’t have to worry about posting ideas and things like plagiarism

Hello there! We have thought of creating ulogs here on Weku. We should've called it WekuLog. But nothing can be better than the original #uLog from @surpassinggoogle himself. Happy to see you here too!