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We are a group of active WEKU users, community builders and WEKU believers. Our mission is to create positive interaction in the WEKU community and support active WEKU users with information and news about WEKU.
There are several channels on the Telegram and Discord where you as a WEKU user can seek support but many users are not using or active in those channels.

How can users seek support if they are only active at the platform and not on another Apps? What should they do if they need help or have questions?

This is our inspiration to create this account. As a group of very active members, we are working side by side with WEKU local team and stay update for every situation on WEKU. We are happy to support users with our information about everything that related to WEKU. In case you need some help or have any questions, you will have our support.

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Who is working behind the account?

This account has currently 5 admins and in the future, we will add more admin to support this project. Every admin is a high reputation WEKU member and community builders.

What is the benefit from this account?

This account will remain a none-profit project for us but WEKU users will benefit by having a direct information or support from us.

How can I seek support or what can I do when I need help?

Just comment our previous post with your questions and our admins or another active users will be here to guide you... if you have questions, we have the answers.

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Latest update on WEKU

The BTS Gateway is temporary closed due to the error. WEKU team is woking on the matter

Top questions

Q: How to trade WEKU ?

A: You can trade WEKU at the exchanges. Currently at Bitshares and Steem Engine

WEKU Markets


Steem ENG

Q: How to use the Bitshares Gateway?

A: See the simple instruction here:

Q: How to use the Steem Engine Gateway?

A: See the simple instruction here:

Or See the video instruction here:

Q: What is the current value of WEKU Coin?

A: The value in the free market will be increasing or decreasing base on the demand of the market on each day. We suggest you to check directly at the market before trading or follow @ankara for the daily analysis:

Q: When WEKU will be tradable on the international exchange?

A: WEKU team is planning to list WEKU on another exchange around the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. There is a high listing fee to be paid and therefore, WEKU needs to raise funds from investors.

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In case you need help or have any questions about technical support, please leave us a comment. Post promotion is not allowed, do not promote your post here. Disrespectful messages, negativity and irrelevant questions or debating are not allowed.

Thank you,

Your WEKU info- centre

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Congratulations on joining Weku, and thank you very much for the information.

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