[Announcement 2019/09/23] Update -Buy WEKU Get Free Delegation Program

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Dear users,

The buy WEKU and get free delegation program is ongoing. The previous promotion buy WEKU get 3 months free delegation ended on the 31.08.2019 as announced. Every purchase from 25th of June to 31st August 2018 will get 3 months of one to one free delegation. MORE DETAIL HERE

Our current promotions

  • Every purchase after the 31.08.2019 - 30.09.2019 from Bitshares market and the Steem Engine market will receive 1 month (one to one) free delegation.

  • Become a Whale or Recruit a Whale. Only available WEKU Official: https://tokens.weku.io/


  • Buy WEKU Power from WEKU Official via @winwinwin account on Steem or via https://tokens.weku.io/ and you will get a delegation for 3 months. For example if you buy 1000 WEKU Power, you will get 1000 WEKU Power delegation for 3 months.

WEKU team reserves rights not to delegate to users in terms of disagreement or market manipulation.

To get a delegation, you must provide us

1. Buy WEKU from Bitshares Market

Please provide us your WEKU account link and a capture of your trading history at Bitshares market. You can search at https://wallet.bitshares.org/#/account/_______(your account name without @)



Screenshot 2019-09-23 at 15.44.30.png

WEKU Account: https://main.weku.io/@bomba

2. Buy WEKU from Steem Engine Market

Please provide us your WEKU account link and a capture of your trading history from Steem-Engine explorer, you can search at : https://steem-engine.rocks/transactions?utf8=✓&search=_______(your account name)



Screenshot 2019-09-23 at 15.59.42.png

WEKU Account: https://main.weku.io/@steinreich

Please make sure you provide us the correct information. Only trading with a capture of transaction history will be delegated.

You can comment this announcement with your application or contact our support team alt the discord.

WEKU Support Channel


Thank you,

The WEKU Team

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