[Announcement 2019/12/01] Issue / Account @chen

last year

Dear Users,

This is a public safety announcement. Account @chen is not in control of Weku Team and its post announcing they are to clean the platform is fake.

Your accounts should not be at risk, however as a safety measure, we suggest you to power up your WEKU for now. There is no reason to panic, but it is better to take precautionary measures.

Account @chen is a WEKU recovery account for accounts created recently. The WEKU team is working on the solution to ensure the safety of the platform.

Base on our buy WEKU get free delegation program, your free delegation from account @chen will be expired before end of December. Due to the attack, the delegation is lost. As soon as we can solve the problem, we will re-delegate as promised.

Please contact our support team on Discord if you have further questions.

The Weku Team.

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Could we also have more information regarding what the future plans are for the platform? While the delegation plan is good, in my opinion, it hasn't really made the platform grow and we need to look at alternate options. Also, it would be great to hear from the team regularly about what's happening than rare announcements.
Could we also know what the plan for 2020 is for Weku and what milestones if any we are planning to hit & the current status of those?

I have had a few of my friends join the platform earlier during the initial months and with how the weku prices are, they left the platform. These weren't regular bloggers but people who I did try to on-board talking about the tokens and the community. It is very hard to convince anyone to join the platfor, because honestly, people do look for a return, even if it is very passive but at the current stage it much below that. So, that's something we need to address too, because surely I don't see people signing up when they could probably have better luck on say, Steemit. For people like me, who write regularly, I would continue to use it as this is a platform for me to have my work reach more people but if mass onboarding is the plan and should be the plan, then not everyone is going to be a regular content creator and as such prices of the tokens are important. Some could misconstrue this as greed but the truth is, it is indeed a factor that many consider while signing up.

So a little news and regular updates on all these please?


I think if Weku were on more exchange sites that would help the price. Most likely people don't wanna deal with all of those fees on Bitshares/Rudex. Maybe get Weku added on Blocktrades.

Hey, this fake account is flagging folks. Flagged three of my posts. Didn't even bother to leave a comment saying why.


They got a few of my posts as well.