[Announcement] Temporary Account Suspension @fatesick (due terms of violation)

2 years ago

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Dear WEKU Community,

Yesterday we had a serious situation at our community discord. Fatesick hacked the Weku-Official Discord and WekuNewbies Discord, manipulated and deleted the important channels including Kicked out every community members from the discord.
He intimidate the official team to put him on the witness list and spreads negative propaganda about Weku Official Team and Weku community.

From today he is suspended from the moderator team and his account will be temporally suspended from using Weku platform due to terms of violation.

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 16.46.16.png

Condition to get the account back:

He has to make a public apology at his website and apologise to the whole Weku community for the false behaviour.
As soon as we have your apology, we will give him back the access.


Team WekuBusters / Support-Busters

Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.18.08.png
Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 22.06.36.png
Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 01.17.06.png

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We Are Weku

Why would someone get that mad over not getting chosen

Think if he do not make apology post and he still continue with spam comments then, every single user facing this problem that their post is full with spam comments.
DO something of @fatesick if he is not able to witness position then ask from him what he want else and make the community strong because "how many enemies we have its not worth,how many friends we have its worth"
Think about it otherwise the community is facing big problem if you mute one account then Fatesick make 20 more to spam comment and you know what he can do else, if it will be continued without solution this will force other users to leave community or they start think negative for you and community.


Because he is immature?

He did not get the job he wanted so he decided to burn the building 50,000 people worked in just to prove he did not deserve a position of trust to begin with.

I don't understand, either.

and what about heavenlywall, theeye truthfinder hns celestial all posting the same


Yes. All the same family and the evil offspring of fatesick.

does heavenlywall, theey, hans ,celestial and truthfinder abnd a few others also fall under this category I daily get the same message as below on my blog. seems like it is a team. how do I block them. It is annoying to get this kind of remarks over and over with every posting.


Yes, they are all from @fatesick. They are all bots.

Use the MUTE button on the comment or their blog page and all posts and comments from that name will disappear

We are WEKU

We are Weku

Wow. OK fair!

New here! Love you and powerful message.


Did you read the post?

We Are Weku

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We Are Weku!


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We are weku

We are weku

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We Are Weku

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Speaking of the devil...

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We Are Weku

good to know


All your comments are spam and not related to the post.

That is against Weku's rules.

we are weku

We Are Weku ❤️

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' We Are Weku '