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2 years ago

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Dear community,

WekuBuster is one of the important project on WeKu. In order to maintain a healthy community, we are working side by side with WeKu-Official Team .

Our project is running around the clock to support WeKu platform and we are proud to be part of these amazing team and community.

Our project

  • The Blacklist bot: warning and down vote blacklisted users. Everyone can follow the appeal process to be dropped off the list.
  • Temporary account suspension: Fake account and multiple account which are created to take referral bonus or scamming will be temporary suspended and the account holders will have a chance to appeal or surrender the accounts, including return the stolen tokens to Weku-team.
  • Account information tool and offending case online report at: https://www.wekubusters.com
  • Support-Busters: Support the Busters duty and reward Busters team members including the volunteers

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Community Support

We support Weku community with our curation support. Everyday we will support up to 20 communities from the United-WeKu Project.

What we plan to do with the generated tokens from blocks-producing?

Our project account doesn’t belongs to a private person and our project leads by @siamcat and @saimegh.

We will use the generated tokens to run our project by increasing WP to combat inappropriate users and support useful community projects. Moreover, we will invest in useful tools as such plagiarism scan tool in the future.

Our project runs transparently and we are looking forward to build a great community with WeKu.

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Vote Wekubusters and our team members as your witness


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We Are WeKu(Busters)⚡️

Team WekuBusters/ @support-busters

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I have chosen you in witness voting. @wekubuster
Good luck !.



Have my vote friends of @wekubusters!

Good luck!


Thank you :-)

You have my vote!!

tebrik ederim ve başarılar dilerim 🌻


Thank you

We Are Weku!


We Are WeKu 🧡

My vote also for you


Thank you!

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Just now voted for you in witness page.. Best luck :)