Welcome @richq11 to the Busters team

last year

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Weku Busters would like to welcome @richq11 to the team in a somewhat limited capacity. Rich has agreed to write a few posts a week encouraging other users to help in our fight against plagiarism and bad actors.

Plagiarism, in any of its forms, hurts us all and the Busters team can't do it all. When people game the system it takes Weku out of the reward pool that could go to support legitimate content creators.

Rich has always been a supporter of WeKu and the WeKu Team. Now he’s supporting Busters with his writing. It’s going to take all of us working together to make WeKu a better and fairer platform. We’re happy that @richq11 has decided to help out. So please join us at Busters in welcoming him.

Thank you,

The Busters Team

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In case you want to appeal or let us know about any kind of abuse that you might have came across in the platform, feel free to reach us here:

WeKuBusters-Official Discord


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Thank you for the warm welcome... I just hope I can help in some small way.


Officially welcome Rich 🌻


Thank you Cat, I just hope I can help.

Welcome @richq11

Welcome to Busters @richq11. 😎👌

Whoo Hoo. Our Man @richq11!

@wekubusters excellent addition to the team. Success in your new management dear friend @ richq11
I wish you all a wonderful weekend