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7 months ago

BRND Token, the main token of the Brand Tokens ecosystem, is a Token as a Service (TaaS. Businesses can create their own unique token (xB) on the Brand Tokens network. With their own unique token, businesses can reward their customers easily without changing their brand image.

We are helping users to get more fun, better deals, and a new way of providing valuable feedback to brands. Token data aggregation enables new ways of content exploration and distribution, making recommendations from friends more valuable and trustworthy.

About Brand Tokens?
Brand Tokens is an all in one platform to manage all your brand token needs. Issue your own blockchain-based loyalty ERC20 token. List it on our exchange.

Easily integrate tokens into your services.Reward your clients with tokens and give them perks in exchange.

The Problem
Traditional loyalty and reward programs are at a crossroads as a result of an inability to adapt and meet demands from customers. Users sign up for loyalty programs with the expectation of increasing earning capabilities, transparent terms, and ease of redemption, but are often faced with complicated processes to earn rewards and find it even more difficult to spend them. Instead of earning loyal customers, these loyalty reward programs are causing companies losses in revenue and customers. Some of the major problems include the following:

● Cash-back rewards delays

Cashback rewards are easy, but some companies still make it complicated. Cashback rewards are in the form of rebates, and most cards require that the holder logs into the issuing bank's website to redeem as cashback on their statement. There are times when the options involve mailing the check, and this takes more delays. Only a few banks permit for automatic redemption.

● Functional restrictions

A number of loyalty programs have certain limits. Only certain locations are available at certain times. Thus, consumers have to ensure they have sufficient points to redeem their points. Such rewards cannot be replaced for something else, so either the consumer redeems or overlooks the points. Consumers have to first consider whether they get value or need to wait.

● No favourable infrastructure

Organizations favour more extended redemption periods, adherence to terms such as the purchase of specific items to improve their sales. This scenario shows that there is a disconnection between the needs of the consumers and those of the organization. Part of the problem is because of the lack of favourable infrastructure to issue, track, and make the system more efficient for both organizations and consumers.

Other issues include the following:

account inactivity - due to a deferred prize, users lose interest and engagement. This makes their loyalty account become inactive.

● low redemption rates - unclaimed rewards are accounted for as liabilities on company balance sheets.

● no transparency - clients have no insight into the total supply of points in circulations, etc.

● high transaction and system management costs – it often costs high to create and maintain the loyalty program.

● incompatible systems – it is tough to integrate two systems into one.

● high customer acquisition costs – businesses tend to spend more on customer acquisition.

● no liquidity - points can’t be exchanged for anything else other than prize.

The Solution
Research has further shown that giving customers more autonomy and options in terms of the structure of loyalty, flexibility on when to redeem, relevant Infrastructure, automated redemption, fast Channels, and cash-like Token Rewards will help to tackle the market problem. With the help of blockchain technology, the needed solution can be provided. Brand Tokens is building tools that enable organizations and companies to issue and manage their own branded tokens.

Unlike other existing loyalty programs, we are offering a high level of flexibility, automation redemption, and monetary value rewards. Our solution is one-of-a-kind as we are the first to make this move in the loyalty industry. With our outstanding blockchain-driven solution, businesses will be able to create their own token on the Brand Tokens network. With this newly created token, each business will be able to reward their customers or clients on a secure, transparent and efficient platform.

BRND and xB tokens are exchangeable for other digital assets within the Brand Tokens platform. Businesses also accept the tokens as a means of payment. Users can hold them as digital assets and trade with other digital assets such as Bitcoin. This enhances the utility of BRND and xB tokens and makes them universally acceptable. They are also portable since they reside on users’ digital wallets. The ability to make BRND and xB tokens easily exchangeable gives them more value and utility than any of the current tokens in the industry.

How does it work?
BRND Token is designed as a TaaS. The TaaS model presents an innovative model that enables businesses to capitalize on the rise of blockchain without dealing with hurdles, risks and technical barriers associated with creating and owning tokens. Our business model pools together blockchain advancements and the emergence of crypto economics to empower all our token holders and create a better reward system. Through registering to the Brand Tokens network and acquiring BRND Token, which is the key token running the network, businesses can create their own unique token (xB).

Each business can use their unique xB to reward their customers in a more efficient way. We are offering businesses the opportunity to have their own unique token without going through all the technical challenges and costs of creating a token from scratch. Our platform has made it very easy for each business to reward their customers with the coin of their choice. This way, each business maintains their brand unlike other loyalty platforms that enforce a single general token for all businesses. The fact that each business can create their own token on our platform makes us stand out among the competition. In fact, we are pioneering in this endeavour.

When a business has created their own token, it is expected that the business encourages their customers to be a part of the network. With the unique token, each customer is easily rewarded for any business activity or task done. The customers are rewarded in token, which has a monetary value, and is stored in the customer’s wallet on the platform. With the token, the customers can purchase items or services from the particular business as well as convert to BRND, BTC, ETH and FIAT. This way, a business can confidently build a stronger relationship with their customers, and customers can easily be rewarded in a much more efficient manner.

How Will the Blockchain Help
Loyalty networks tend to be costly to run and involve certain inefficiencies that often lead to long pay-out periods. Additionally, there is uncertainty from the company operating the loyalty program, whether it benefits the users the way it should. Blockchain greatly reduces the cost of operating a loyalty network. Only the initial costs of system setup and management are necessary. Fraud and errors are the major causes of increased cost. By leveraging blockchain, companies can improve on the visibility of transactions, thereby enhancing transparency and auditability of the system.

Blockchain offers the following unique value propositions to the loyalty rewards industry:
● Better security:

by using blockchain, member data is stored cryptographically on the secure blockchain itself rather than relying on centralized third parties. The Brand Token blockchain is maintained through nodes that are distributed, reducing chances of one point of failure. Furthermore, one party cannot manipulate and change member details, such as the amount of rewards.

● High privacy:

Member wallets are not maintained by third party companies but have direct access to member accounts on the blockchain. Only the member has the power to change their personal details. Each member will have their own private keys that they use to access their personal wallets. Merchants can receive payments by displaying their public keys. Both private and public keys on the blockchain do not display the name and personal details of the member or user. This means they are pseudonymous.

● Better usability:

blockchain-based loyalty rewards are earned and redeemed in a faster process than the current state of affairs in the industry. Since digital tokens exist exclusively on the blockchain, it is easy to verify and allocate rewards in a fast and efficient manner.

● Fast payouts:

BRND loyalty network is not complicated and adopts fast payouts. Businesses can easily pay out their individual tokens (xB). Existing loyalty rewards take long periods, months and some years, in order to get rewarded. Brand Tokens network is straightforward to effectively promote the adoption and growth of the network.

● Easy to exchange:

one of the main problems in the current loyalty rewards industry is lack of flexibility in terms of how users receive their rewards. For example, when a particular company issues rewards, they can only be redeemed at the specified locations or points of sale. This makes them redundant.

BRND: Redefining Loyalty Programs
Company Overview OU was founded in Estonia, Headquarters in Warsaw Poland, to explore and invent high-end technologies that would improve people’s lives. Our company has been making strides into different tech areas, and we are already in the planning phase to expand into the global market. We are building an exchange platform and a loyalty network that leverages blockchain technology in order to reflect the utility of a modern loyalty network.

The Benefits of the Brand Tokens Platform
For Customers

Today's customer wants to be rewarded instantly, and if they don't feel even a small endorphin rush, they won't catch on and engage. This is especially important during the first experience with the brand. Using tokens, they can be rewarded instantly because they will receive valuable tokens that can be redeemed or sold right away. Receiving tokens feels like getting cash.

The value of tokens is priced in real-time, so they might even become an active player on the brands market. If there are strong incentives put by the brand, users can engage not only through purchasing but also by trading the token. Thanks to the model where every brand has their own token, users can benefit from price differences. It means that every now and then, there will be a great deal to make with the brand. If the price of the given token loses in value for some reason, deals also become cheaper, giving the client an even better deal.

● Many Brands in one place - get the most out of what you’ve earned!

● Instant and transferable rewarding - tokens priced realtime

● Many good, customized deals for everyone

● Friends on board - sharing is caring - buy together even cheaper

● Manageable token wallet with friends and family

● Better User Experience - more fun

● Play & Win and Play & Earn programs for tokenized members

● Extra promotions not accessible for untokenized users

Why BRND Tokens
One of the core values driving BRND is sharing prosperity with all stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of its ecosystem. Instead of having a small company that shares benefits with only a few directors, we believe a network-type of arrangement is better.

Since we allow brands to create their own token on our platform, which is the xB token, we are offering them a unique personalized loyalty program opportunity that is easy and cost-effective to run. This way, we are transforming the loyalty management market.

We also encourage brands who are our partners to buy BRND token on special terms. Each brand who stakes 1 mln BRND for a minimum of 1 year will be rewarded with a free premium subscription for the time of maintaining the staking. This way our members will provide the funds for further development of services they will use.

Token BRND

● TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 BRND


● BLOCKCHAIN: Ethereum - ERC20

Token Sale
● SOFT CAP: 250,000 USD

● HARD CAP: 1,000,000 USD


Token Distribution
● 10%: Pre ICO

● 20%: Round I of an ICO

● 40%: Round II of an ICO

● 15%: Marketing

● 10%: Team

● 5%: Reserve & liquidity


● Brandtokens OU Company is incorporated in Estonia as a software and technology company.

● New website allowing Sign-Up for both Brands and Users with opportunity of subscribing for favourite brands tokens.

● preICO open for internal clients (limited edition to only 100 mln tokens).


● Voting system for users to decide which Brands they welcome on the platform.

● ICO - 400 mln tokens in distribution.

● First 1.000 Brands in the system.


● Mock-ups of an application

● Launch of loyalty program in tokens with BRND and xB for beta-testers and early adopters.


● Open platform for every company, massive on-boarding.

● Marketing deals, growing brand and user base.

● Launch Marketing Automation Tools for Brands.


● AI powered profiling, new quality in Marketing Automation.

● Platform development.


● ICO Round 2.

● Intense marketing of the platform.


● BRND token listed on exchange platforms.

● Buyback of BRND tokens for the first time.

● Platform development.

The Team
Robert Wesker: CEO & Co-Founder

Szczepan Bentyn: COO & Co-founder

Mohanraj MS: CTO

Tomasz Rozmus: CBD

Marta Lapacz: Business Developer

Mustafa Dahdouh: UX/UI Designer

Lirdi Cani: Project Manager

Zofia Pacholczyk: Social Media Manager

Khaled Mouhssine: International Sales Manager

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