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KingCasino is a Licensed blockchain based online Casino that offers their users up to 1000 high quality GAMES like Sport Betting, Poker, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack and more. There are series of livetable Games available in the platform. Investing and holding Kind Casino Token (KCT) gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder and makes you eligible to the booming cryptocurrency market and online games. Users get rewarded in the platform for playing any type of Games.Different cryptocurrencies can be used to deposit, stake games, and withdraw of winnings in the platform i.e BTC, USDT,ETH, KCT token, Charcoin
KingCasino pays their shareholders every quarter) once in every 3 month, which simply means dividends are paid 4 times in a year to the token holders. The platform gross profits are being summarized and distributed to the token holders on a quarterly basis. Holders of (KCT) token must hold the token in the smart contracts at least 3 months to receive profit. In efforts to increase the value of the token and reducing the total number of token in the circulation, the team adopts TOKEN BURN strategy in which 5% of the total KCT earned by the house every quarter are burned.Hence, reducing the total supply and increasing the value of (KCT)

1 Potential of high profit: Token holders are eligible to quarterly dividends. There are various of interesting games in the platform and user's patronage will spike up increments in the value of the token. Besides, due to the incredible earning opportunities offered by this platform, investors will like to acquire more token, freeze them on the smart contracts and earn their stable dividends on a quarterly basis.
2 Varieties of Games availability: King Casino is a robust blockchain gaming platform which makes available different types of games. Users have access to varieties of games and have the opportunity to chose among up to 1000 high quality Casino Games. Examples are BlackJack, Poker, Slots, Baccarat, lottery, and many more interesting games coming
3 Transparency: KingCasino implements smart contracts which ensure absolute transparency for business profits, paying of the winnings and dividends and online betting. As smart contracts powered platform, the general affair and management of games, winnings payout, dividend payment, and more are being managed by smart contracts, hence ensuring transparency. KingCasino is not managed by human, it is managed by the Smart contract,unlike in the centralized set up where the gaming management is being controlled by human, which is prone to manipulation.
4 High liquidity: KingCasino provide multiple currency for purchasing KCT and players can as well chose among currencies for their withdrawals. Eth, BTC, USDT, KCT are the options made available. Besides, users can buy and sell KCT token on Exchanges such as Latoken, P2PB2B, and Exchange
5 Liason with Top Gaming service providers: in other to offer multiple gaming service for the platform users and offering satisfactory customer's service,, ingCasino works with the best service provides such as Micrograming, Eugi, Betsfot, QuickSmoi, Evolution, and more.
6 License: KindCasino is a licensed and regulated e-gaming platform with high potential of revolutionizing the online gaming industry.
KCT token is ERC20 token which pays the holder's dividend periodically from the income generated on the platform.Owning KCT token qualified investors to become part owners of the company which enable them received dividends on a quarterly basis, based on the amount of token they are holding.

KCT TOKEN TOTAL SUPPLY: 130,000,000 KCT token
Price: $1
TOKEN BURN 5% of all tokens earned are burned every quarter in other to reduce the supply, increasing the value of the token and creating high demand for KCT in the future.

QUARTERLY PROFIT At the end of every quarter, the platform gross profits are being calculated and distributed among token holders through the smart contracts.

VOTING POWER KCT holders are given special voting right or decision making in the platform. It could be for business plan, Changes in the platform. The holders must have held KCT for more that 3 months in the smart contracts.

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