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The birth of cryptocurrencies not only revolutionized the entire globe but also simultaneously gave way to opportunities which give rise to cryptocurrency exchange platforms and this platform turned out to be very vital to the development of the whole cryptocurrency industry as all transactions pertaining to the crypto industry would be carried out there.

Other roles this cryptocurrency exchange platform carries out includes the exchange of digital assets from the cryptocurrency to fiat currency or any other digital assets of their choice and also trading of cryptocurrencies can also be carried out on the platform.

Using high level technologies like the Blockchain and smart contract cryptocurrency exchanges become fully functional, as these modernized technologies aid in managing the complex trading activities of users and also ensure that users on the platform gains and not loose.

Research evidently shows that one of the industries that has been ever growing despite the unstable economy in our digital world today is the cryptocurrency market as the crypto industry continues to grow the need for an exchange platform is highly required, this is to ensure that needs of every crypto is well catered for.

And then came a different kind of exchange called Extons exchange.


The EXTON.IO exchange platform was birthed to meet the needs of crypto users, not forgetting to mention that EXTON.IO is purely a cryptocurrency exchange platform created by Thisoption ecosystem all to further strengthen our already strong cryptocurrency industry.

EXTON.IO is a centralized exchange system that is designed to ensure that crypto currency trading is made effortless and also provides countless benefits for the users.

The Blockchain technology and Smart Contract are the major technologies that EXTON.IO has taken advantage of to execute its many operations and transactions.

Also with the Blockchain technology the security of users on the platform is guaranteed and so is the data of every transaction carried out on the platform.
The Blockchain technology also ensures safety of users data on the platform,making this data's unalterable. Also, records of every transaction is safely stored in the Blockchain and details of these transactions can be viewed by its users.

**There are hundreds of benefits that make EXTON.IO exchange the preferred over other exchanges, and these include… **

1- Multiple Options In Currencies:
Presently on the EXTON.IO exchange platform, there are multiple cryptocurrencies with which users can trade, this is to ensure that the different needs of multiple traders present on the platform are met. This particular move of making available varieties of assets for users to choose from, clearly shows that the interest of users on the platform is paramount to them.

2- User-friendly Ecosystem:
The system is structured in such a way that it is less tedious for users on the platform both the new and existing users, to make their cryptocurrency trading efficient. Adding to that, a 24/7 customer care to help users to carry out their trading activities on the platform has been provided.

3- High Trading Liquidity:
Its high liquidity ensured that trading on the platform is highly effective and stress-free. That is one of the many reasons for trading your digital currencies on Extons as it makes available the trading liquidity needed to make the trade of cryptocurrency to be smooth and profitable on its system.

4- Secured And Strengthened FireWalls:
The security procedures put in place by EXTON.IO makes it impossible for intruders to gain access, this is to ensure that both the funds of its users and their trading data are kept highly confidential and secured.

Having stated all this, it is therefore reasonable to say that EXTON.IO exchange is the best when it comes to the trading of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.


It is very clear that in order for a transaction to be carried out on any system a currency is required, so the EXTON.IO exchange has its own token known as TONS token.

This token is a TRC-20 token that is also on the Tron network to ensure the smooth operations of the system.
With this token numerous transactions can be carried out on the platform, as well as any form of bonus or incentive to the users of the system, making trading activities on Extons to be even more profitable than other exchanges.


Presently on the EXTON.IO exchange, are numerous and very beneficial features that are open to all users and with the Blockchain technology in use, it has grown to become the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform.

It promises smooth trade in digital assets if fully adopted and also promises to further grow the whole cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Extons exchange grants every trader on its system an unforgettable trading experience, characteristized by numerous benefits.

▶ ️ Extons: https://www.extons.io
▶ ️ THISOPTION: https://thisoption.com
▶ ️ Whitepaper: https://www.extons.io/whitepaper
▶ ️ Telegram: https://t.me/thisoption
▶ ️ ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5263768
▶ ️ Medium: https://medium.com/@thisoption.com

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