How can smile Reset for a rough Day -Try to Be-Positive

3 months ago

Here is a bad news:

Our Brains have natural negativity bias.
This means that they are more attracted to negative stimuli and are always looking for them.
It's a bummer however this operate likely evolved to assist us survive since danger usually comes with negative stimuli.

Our brain's Negativity bias means.

That we tend to notice more Additional negative things and are more affected by them.
And what's worse, our negativity bias goes into overdrive once we are already stressed, upset, or frustrated.
Negativity begets negativity.

But here is the good news:

We can facilitate our brain avoid obtaining lost within the negativity spiral it might naturally wish to follow.
And it's not very difficult to do.
Here's one improbably easy idea that may assist you to boost a rough or Stressful day if you provides it a attempt.
I call it a Happier Reset and I share it with you in this Happier Boost article.


Please, Need your time to read the text below, it can always change in some points and its that has made this community understand and help each other. I would like you to pay close attention to what is written in these notes. Try to really follow what I ask of all of you who are a few months old with me contributing meaningful comments and we have built something really good here along with people who have a positive mindset and we have managed to get more people together like that.

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