What Happens to Your Dream After Your Death.....?

2 months ago

Hello, dear friends!

It is customary to talk about dreams when you embark on motivational ideas and wisdom of productivity.
But we rarely consider the nature and essence of these dreams and how they form in our minds.

We could argue that people need hope to continue. We could say that dreams without goals are just dreams that never see the light of day.

We could claim that without productivity and time management, one can never unlock their full potential.

But what are these dreams that we keep talking about?

I have a very powerful and serious message for you today.

You can have as many goals as you want in life, and think about them every day and night, right after you wake up and right before you turn in to sleep.

But do not mistake goals with dreams. Some people think that goals are the same as dreams.

Some fail to understand the magnitude of a dream. Maybe this sentiment can clear up the image a little bit:

A dream that dies after you do is not a powerful dream.

There is great potential in human existence.

If you were to count every little element and incident that came together so you could be here today, reading this post at this very moment, you would be both amazed and horrified by the weight of existence.

Consider what rests on your shoulders to accomplish.

Think about all that you are capable of doing, were you to simply decide to stop drifting away and wandering about to work on what you have always wanted to do with your life.

Dream, but dream big. A dream that does not survive the death of its dreamer is not a worthy dream.

You could do so much for this world and accomplish so many things.

All of these things would stand the test of time and immortalize you forevermore.

I see a man climbing a mountain.

A man walking a desert under the punishing sunlight.

A man walking bare feet on the chilling ice of some far away lake.

A man holding the Earth in one hand and the moon in the other.

Dream about dreams that would stand the test of time and survive your death.

It is the only worthwhile fight.

And who is man, but the master of his own fate?



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