This October of 2020, all the start menus of Windows 10 have been redesigned and updated

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"This October of 2020, all the start menus of Windows 10 have been redesigned and updated".


This is Microsoft Windows 10. This Microsoft Windows 10 has both PC and desktop. Microsoft Windows 10 has been updated with a redesign of all start menus this October.

Microsoft's Cortana-enabled search bar has been removed and all Microsoft Windows 10 taskbars have been redesigned to replace it with a separate Cortana search button. These Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems are one of the longest running reforms.

The latest version of Microsoft Windows that was associated with the base release has received major updates on a bi-annual basis. These Windows 10s are commonly known as 20H2.

This October's update to Windows 10 brings new changes. Updates designed for Windows 10 bring back a new feature in the Start menu. It is also a new option to adjust the refresh rate of a computer. The most notable change in this new update of Windows 10 is its start menu.

Although these start menus are the same, the color shows single and theme tiles that allow users to adjust their color schemes according to the desired theme. This Windows 10 is finally going to move away from colorful tiles like Windows 8.

Windows 10's Start Menu is light and well-designed to set themes in bold, which can be chosen from the settings. Other changes include the fact that the taskbars are touch-friendly by removing the icons at the bottom left of the screen.

This Windows 10 search bar has been replaced by two separate search and cortana buttons. Moreover, it has been observed that Alt + Tab functionality is also getting a new layout among the applications. And these new updates also increase the ability to adjust the refresh rate.



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