To control everything, simply impossible - Reflection

6 months ago

"Your own mental attitude is the only thing you possess over which only you have complete control. "

Willian Clement Stone

For many people dealing with uncertainty is not an easy task..

But life can teach, if one allows oneself to see it, that practically everything is uncertain, the future is like that. Just like that.

Having control of everything is not difficult, it is simply impossible. However there are those who insist on wanting to assume more than they can, I think deep down with a mistrust in the possibility that someone will do the same task better or the same as him.


On other occasions, rather those people who claim absolute control over everything really reflect a total lack of control over themselves.

There is a psychological correlation in that, they find it difficult to adapt to different daily realities and prefer rather to try to adapt everything around them to themselves.

It is better to live with the certainty that the only thing we really -or should- control is our way of thinking and acting.

Why bitter existence pretending to have control of everything, IF IT IS NOT POSSIBLE?

A reflection that I wanted to share with those who read me.
Happy week to all.

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