A beautiful reflection of a little boy carrying a boat

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"A beautiful reflection of a little boy carrying a boat".

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A beautiful reflection of a little boy carrying a boat


It is a scene located in the middle of the village adversity. This view is of a small village. The place is in the village of Beraberia, located a little further inland from the city of Calcutta. Here in the boat two small little boys are wandering here and there and having fun.

When I go to the village, I feel as if I have lost myself in the natural beauty of the unfavorable environment of the village. There is no comparison to the natural beauty of the rural environment, one is incomparable.

This afternoon a friend of mine and I set out from the city to visit this village after many days and reached there. Then I went there and saw many people coming from different places and going around by boat.

After a long time, I like the sight of boats and the sight of boating. Basically, the local boys and girls of the village spend most of their time in boats and enjoy themselves. There is also the sight of these two children walking around in a boat.

My friend and I took a boat ride like everyone else and was very happy mentally. That's why I like anything in the cool environment of the village.

And these small boats have the great advantage of being able to sail in low water and go to different places. So almost all the people of the village always use such small boats.


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