Insects...Dusky Cockroach

6 days ago

"Dusky Cockroach".

**Galaxy M20**

Dusky Cockroach


It is a kind of animal. Animals of this species tend to be relatively small-medium species. These are usually insects. This species is called a cockroach, but it is a slightly different species.

This species is commonly called the Dusky Cockroach. This Dusky cockroach has a scientific name, such as Ectobius lapponicus. These insects are closely associated with zoology.

Many times in zoology labs are also identified with different species of animals. These animals belong to the phylum Arthropoda. These animals are found almost everywhere.

They can be seen living in different rooms or in different places like leaves of trees. The body of this dusky cockroach tends to look dark gray brown.

They also have a kind of cut like pronotum and forewing with transparent brown margins. These species are more common in summer and love to fly in warmer climates.

The adult Dusky cockroach of this species has a body size of about 9-10 mm.

Along their eyes, they have long thread-like antennae on their heads. Their bodies usually consist of the head, the chest and the abdomen.


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