The Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ Plant : Grew up on the side of the road

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"The Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ Plant".

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The Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ Plant


It is a kind of plant. The plants of this species tend to look somewhat more diverse. This plant is commonly called Solenostemon scuttelarriodes ‘Electric Lime’ which is a scientific name or botanical name.

However, this plant also has a common name, Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ and this name is used because it is a kind of readily available name. This Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ plant has been seen growing in the Botanical Gardens and sometimes these plants grow on the side of the road.

These plants are a subject related to botany. This plant is discussed in the book Botany. I have a botany book and there was some general description of this plant and something to say about the care of this plant.

This Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ plant also grows a kind of annual flower for neon lime and large steep green leaves. The leaves of this plant tend to look basically bright yellow-green. The leaves create a different kind of beauty from the point of view of the plant.

These Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ plants can grow many in one place by swarming. Their color pattern seems to be a bit net. This plant can grow up to about 15-16 inches tall and its terrain can be about 16-28 inches apart.

These plants can be used as a kind of beauty in different places such as next to flower pots, next to swimming pools etc. Originally used in various places for the beauty of its beautiful looking leaves.

This Coleus ‘Electric Lime’ plant spreads the color of the leaves in sunny places but in deep shaded places the leaves look like full green. These plants can be planted in a container with soil on the roof of the house or in hanging baskets. The leaf veins of this plant are strange.

This afternoon I went to visit a village and saw these plants growing on the side of the road. Basically, looking at the leaves of this plant attracts my attention. Then I go to this plant and capture these plants with my phone camera.


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