The Ricinus communis Plant (Castor-oil )

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"The Ricinus communis Plant (Castor-oil )".

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The Ricinus communis Plant (Castor-oil )


It is a kind of plant. These plants come in different species. This plant is called Ricinus communis which is a scientific name or botanical name. It also has a common name such as Castor-oil.

These types of plants can be seen in different places like they grow on the side of the road, then grow in annoying places, etc. These plants grow mainly from seeds. This plant is a subject of botany.

There is some discussion about this plant in the Practical Book of Botany. I was looking at this plant a little today and learned about some of its commonalities. This Ricinus communis plant is a perennial plant.

It can be seen around the road almost all the year round. So today I went for a walk on the road in the afternoon and saw this plant growing on the side of the road. These plants tend to look like shrubs when they grow up.

These plants can grow up to a maximum of about 11-14 feet. These plants are often seen growing without stalks but with a few small stalks at the top. The inside of the stem of this Ricinus communis is hollow and has a fence of about 4-5 inches.

The stems have a single git some distance away and the leaves emerge from these gitts later. The leaves are quite large and evergreen. However, when the leaves are young, the upper leaves are light reddish.

These Ricinus communis plants are again seen to bear flowers and fruits in the mid-winter to mid-winter period. The fruits are round and cut on the skin but these thorns are very soft. As a result, these thorns do not grow on the skin.


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