The Song of a Grateful Heart - Enjoy with Troy!

29 days ago


As we move toward the season of Thanksgiving, we think of harvest, pumpkin pie, turkey, hayrack rides and warm cider. We also think of the many songs that are a staple of the season.
Now thank we All Our God, We Gather Together, For The Beauty of The Earth, Praise To The Lord Almighty, Come The Font of Every Blessing, All Creatures of Our God And King, Blessed Be Your Name, Count Your Blessings, Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart…and so many others.

We hear a song of a grateful heart. Yet, the message seems muffled between the haunting of October and the greed of Christmas. There seem to be little interest by the secular world for Thanksgiving.

God calls us to embrace humility, gratitude and praise for the blessings in life. He even encourages us to be thankful for the painful dark times. Though many may ignore the celebration, it is up to us to sing the praises loudly to the world. We can express our gratitude in our selfless acts of kindness to others.

We are humble pilgrims, yes, but our hearts overflow with thanksgiving.

I encourage you to embrace this season in celebration with a heartful of gratitude and selfless humility. May our praises to God be a witness and a comfort of selfless love. And may the world hear the song of a grateful heart. Amen.

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Oh my gosh! You're alive. @richq11 was asking me just about a week ago if I heard from you. I am less and less on the platforms myself. Busy with other things. How's Mom?


Hey there my kind friend. Yeah I am alive and thanks for caring. I have been spending my time more lately helping Mom, doing more final touch ups on the on the basement fire and trying to speak out for President Trump and against socialism on Facebook.

I want to get back on these platforms. Particularly hive and weku.

I am on unemployment with only 2 music gigs since march. I miss writing and talking with you and rich. You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

How are you? Do you think Trump will win?

Be blessed.


We are doing well.

I think regardless of who wins, we all lose.