Thankfulness Of Little Things In life

6 months ago

We can live a happy life when we learn to be thankful of every little thing that we are blessed with.

Good things can happen to us when we are at the right place and at the right time.

When good things happen without us trying to get them, they are really blessings.

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Gratefulness To The Teachers

My son had entered Secondary one this year.

He had learning difficulty in the past and he has special needs too.

I am grateful that his secondary school had been rewarding well-behaved students and providing every child to shine in their own ways.

His class tutors were also caring to him and acknowledge his good points.

Gratefulness To The Praises

My students had received their national examination results.

Parents came to show how much they were grateful to me for the time I invested in their children as a teacher.

I had a parent who insisted that I was the best teacher for her daughter for the last six years of education in my school.

I should thank God for his favour given to me with parents.

Gratefulness For My Students’ Results

I am certainly glad to see that many of my students, who used to score badly and hated learning before I became their teacher, did better in their national examinations.

When I became their teachers, I would nurture their love of learning and let them have fun with the subject that I taught.

Their attitude to learning and confidence in performing in the subject became better and many of them did well in their national examinations.

Many of them were able to end their primary school journey with better than expected results which did surprise some parents since they used to hate learning and did badly in the past.

School Holidays

I am thankful that it is school holiday now.

I can spend time with my family since I may have neglected my family members due to school work and posting on the platforms.

It is a good time for me to rest since I had been busy from morning till late at night during school days.

The opportunities to spend time with my family, the chance to rest and it is also a good time to reflect the things that had happened for this year.

Good Health

Many people may always take their health for granted until they had fallen sick.
I am glad to stay healthy and I hope that I can slim down further this school holiday.

I managed to remove 8 kg of my weight last December so I hope that I can slim down further this December.

Getting slimmer can be good for my health especially for my age.

I used to have heel pain so by reducing my weight, my feet would have less burden.

I am thankful for being able to slim down without doing much exercising last December and I hope to slim down further this December.

The above are the 5 things that I have written to participate in the writing contest for week 10 by @gratefulvibes.

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