Back In Town.. and Composing!

11 months ago

My first son Michael 'Mik" on Bass, Marco on guitar, and Mr Ploudj, Guest on Drums.

Hello Friends! :0)

More than one month without posting anything on Weku or another crypto bloging platform.
I was touring with my Rock Band Alchemic Journey (and working too on another rock project).

As our drumer was not available for the announced gigs, we had to find a good one quickly, and work with him all the compositions. I always be close to the Music Rock Scene here in my town and around. So, when I said "Hey guys, we need a good drumer to replace our for some gigs. Someone to deal with us?! ". The day after, we have the choice between two, and we get a friend playing in a groovy rock band who said: "ok guys, that's great, let's do it!!".

We had provided rehearsal records for him to work at home and two good rehearsals were enough.

Rehearsal time..

Honestly, we took so much fun with this guy named Mr Ploudj.

21062019 AJ GIG 3.jpg
Mr Ploudj. Here, on June 21, 2019 With us

Some sound from the june 15, 2019 gig, a week before.
The video was captured by a camera backstage on the right side, so the sound is not the best, and he show you how the sound can be different from where the band is playing and in front of the stage with the speakers for the listeners. But still good to hear what we were playing. And all the fun we got at this concert.

Here, Its the ending of a song called "Y a t il Quelqu'un", and we are totally improvising the big final, the drumer is playing really great so the band is carried in an incredible Prog Rock ambiance. I'm the "White Hat". :0))

Well, I could talk to you for hours of all these good times, and I would probably come back to this topic in the next few days.


  • Let's conclude with a brief talk about Solar Phasing Music.

I've been relaxing far from the social networks since the musicians went on vacation at the end of June, and I naturally started working on my current solo projects. The EP " In Slow Motion " is finished, we are mixing and mastering the tracks before officially sending it everywhere. But also, I'm finalizing some tracks for " Electron Rock ", which I published two tracks this morning on Bandcamp (
And as these two tracks (not new ones) are downloadable for free, for a limited time, don't hesitate to get this music, and show me some great support at the same time. "Electron Rock" is an "techno electro rock groove" Album where I will add tracks once they are finished, one by one. So, very soon more! :0)

Some more stuff on Choon too:
Or on Musicoin:

This was made with Love "MadeinWeku". :0)
My friends.. see you tomorrow for more stories about a musician journey.
Take care! Some of you missed..

Thank you very much for your support! Have a fantastic weekend! :0)

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